Stefan Klooster

“As an entrepreneur I often run into things that prevent me from focusing on the big picture and as a result I am often busy with the ‘trivial’ things. To get out of that, to think creatively again and actually do business, I sometimes need to have a sparring partner who can put my thoughts back in order so that I can get the overview back and find my own answers again. Bernhard helps me very well with this. In combination with an open approach about business you end up in a flow, he is a real sparring partner who does not block me but makes me think.”

Marijke Klosse
Entrepreneur coach

“As a coach, I enjoy sparring with a colleague from time to time. Ben is a nice conversation partner. He listens with sincere attention and quickly feels where the shoe is wringing. His clear and down-to-earth feed back helps me to look at things with a fresh look and renewed energy and to continue my way.”


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