Achieve and Honour the balance in your life

Together we experience nature so you can create insight, focus and direction.

My perspective is to go into nature with you so that you get insight and direction, you push your boundaries both physically and mentally and you maneuver around your obstacles.


You like to lead the life you want, inspired by your heart. You yourself have all the answers and talents to do that. Sometimes you only need a guide to find answers and develop talents. Let me be your guide to
Balancing, honouring your balance.


Are you at a crossroads in your life? Do you want me to be your sounding board about the direction to follow?
Do you feel stressed? Are the things you like and care about no longer so much fun or are you not getting around to them enough? Even then a sparring partner is important.
Are you too much involved with micro (delusion of the day) within your company while you actually want to focus on the macro (effectiveness, growth, etc.)? Do you need a helicopter view from outside to inside?


If you answer one of these questions with a `yes`it is important that we get to know each other in order to come to different insights.

If you answer any of these questions with a clear “YES” we should meet.

Do you have a good balance?

The importance of balance
To achieve results in the gym it’s important that your muscles flex and relax. When that balance is there the muscle grows.
Unbalanced, nothing happens.
Nature is a beautiful example of balance, the 4 seasons beautifully roll from one into the other. Because of global warming we now see an unbalance in nature.
Balance is everywhere and balance is necessary. Your balance between your private and professional life, your relationships, you diet and so on.


The fact that you are this site means you feel need of some direction, or change or just simple focus. We can meet for a little walk or a coffee and establish your need.
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