Together we take a “walk” through your brain!

What are we going to do?

Strange isn’t it? When you ask most people where they have the best conversations it’s probably during some kind of activity; in the car while driving, during sports, on a walk…however, most coaching sessions take place at a table, in an office sat on chairs. Not very inspiring!

As an outside/walking coach I take you into nature. Every season is full of metaphors which you can translate directly to your daily life. Fresh air and exercise create the happy hormones called endorphins which directly lead to different and new insights and therefore encourage growth and focus!

By moving you go into your feelings, you can easily distance yourself from the daily routines, it makes you aware of unconsciously created habits, it amplifies positive thoughts and feelings. Stress, fear, uncertainty, unbalance disappear magically because of nature and fresh air!
Together we take a “walk” through your brain!
The best conversations always occur during activity


Together we take a “walk” through your brain!!

The best conversations always occur during activity

What occupies your thoughts?

What occupies your thoughts?
If your life in one way or the other is not balanced it can have an impact on both your physical- and also mental health.
Not being balanced has a broad interpretation. You can be totally happy and not totally balanced. Your head pulls you in one direction while your heart wants to go somewhere else.
What occupies your mind? Are you on the right track, do you see problems ahead or are you just looking for a way out? Or maybe you have personal questions, stress or physical complaints which maybe you don’t want to share with friends and people you know? In a world where the only measure is perfection it can be hard to show pain, imperfection or vulnerability.
Sometimes it helps if someone like me listens to you in an independent way without prejudice. Someone who listens, coaches and inspires.
Empowering people is my job! It’s great to see people going through a metamorphosis, believing in themselves, being more positive, more proactive and empowering themselves to determine their own direction!
In all this the beauty is that however old we are we can always learn. Our brain has a wonderful quality called neuroplasticity which enables us through daily exercise and routines to easily learn new thoughts and behaviour.
Out of your comfort zone
Like the great philosopher Nietzsche said years ago: “All great thought are achieved while walking”.
I love the big outdoors and when I am somehow stuck I always go outside. It brings structure and new insights. That’s why my coaching almost always takes place outside in nature.
If that’s something you are not used to it directly expands your comfort zone. Doing things you are not used to, by doing them anyway, your comfort zone , the zone in which you feel comfortable, expands.
I personally love an ice cold dip in the winter, massively enhancing my immune system. Forest and beach walks in every season are a joy. New perspectives create new insights which in itself creates focus, direction and rethinks problems. All problems are always solved on a different level as where they were created.
The price of this coaching fully depends on your needs.

All great thoughts are achieved while walking

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