Enjoy your maximum potential. Are you balanced?

Our life is always a balancing act simply because we are not alone on this planet. Sometimes we can have the feeling that we are about to fall. We are busy every day achieving goals and sometimes lose site of the things that are important. The delusion of the day can take hold. It’s then important to be aware that the only person who can do anything about this is yourself. You have the unique talents to achieve your perfect life. Is that what your doing?

People who have achieved the right balance are always in charge of themselves and because of that have a positive influence on the people and world around them. No one can live, love, breathe, eat, move, experience or even die for someone else. It’s all down to you to find that balance. As Nike so wonderfully puts it: “Just do It”

It’s fair to say that in general we all have some important areas in our lives.
Social life
Every human is unique and some of you might have a few more or even a few less.
Each of us have a unique balance between these areas. A man and woman with 6 children may have more focus on the family compared to a 21 year old who has just kicked off his career and has a super social life. The right balance is when all those areas in your life receive the attention you rightfully think they deserve. Unbalance is when the some areas receive too much attention compared to others.

This test is free. At the end of the test you receive an option either to read the results online or to have the results mailed to an email address you provide. The latter option enables us to use the results in a coaching session if and when you desire. Most important though is that you do the test for yourself.


That all depends on you. Are you happy and fulfilled. Congratulations. Are there areas which need attention? Hit the button below, contact us and let’s meet for a coffee or a walk